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Unlock the Power of 0% Interest Credit with FARAJA - Buy now, Pay later, Hassle-free!

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Introducing FARAJA: 0% Interest Credit
for Your M-PESA Purchases!

FARAJA is an awesome service that gives millions of M-PESA customers the power to make purchases on credit without paying any interest. You can now shop at various retail stores and merchants through Lipa Na M-PESA and enjoy the convenience of buying goods and services worth anywhere between KSh 20 to KSh 100,000. And the best part? You can repay the amount within 30 days, without any interest charges!



Accessing FARAJA is super easy!


You have two options: you can either use the special FARAJA mini-app within the M-PESA Super App or simply dial *799# to opt-in. Once you're in, you can buy multiple items as long as they don't exceed your assigned credit limit.


But it's not just customers who benefit from FARAJA – businesses do too! By joining FARAJA, businesses can offer their customers the flexibility of making purchases on credit. This boost in convenience can lead to more sales and overall growth for the business. Plus, when customers pay through FARAJA, the businesses get the full payment for their products or services immediately.


If you're a business associated with Lipa Na M-PESA, joining FARAJA is a piece of cake! Just contact us directly, and you'll be on your way to enjoy the benefits.


So why wait? Enjoy 0% interest credit on your M-PESA purchases with FARAJA now!
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